NBC Devon General  Atlanteans, later deliveries

Following the mass deliveries of Atlanteans in the early 1960s and few more additions were made later in the decade. A batch with Willowbrook bodies EOD 526-531D arrived by June 1966. MCW bodied NDV532-541G appearing between October 1968 and February 1969. Following usual procedure the fleet numbers corresponded with the registration numerals. Finally, the fleet took on one second hand Atlantean, ex Maidstone & District. Examples of these are shown below, in no particular order.

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an-057 536 in green with Unibus advertising for Torbay Aircraft Museum at Torquay Pavilion 17th July 1982 with modified front panel.

Devon General Atlantean NDV536G Torquay
Devon General Atlantean NDV536G Brixham.

at-1900 536 on Brewery Lane Brixham 2nd August 1976 with original front panel.

at-5325   528 at Torquay Pavilion, 8th July 1977

Devon General Atlantean EOD528D Torquay
Devon General Atlantean NDV533G Torquay

at-3610 536 & 532 at the old power station site in Newton Abbot. This was used as a storage compound by Western National. These two probably there as they had been delicensed, October 1982.

at-4952 533 in all over advertising livery for Richard King, on Torbay Road Torquay near to the Grand Hotel c.1973.

Decon General Atlantean NDV536G, Newton Abbot
Devon General Atlantean NDV540G Teignmouth

at-3130 540 at Teignmouth Triangle August 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards)

an-042 530 at Newton Road depot July 1982, probably delicensed

Devon General Atlantean NDV530G Torquay
Devon General Atlantean NDV539G Paignton

at-1233 539 on Gerston Road Paignton 31st July 1979, (orig. Goeff Gould)

at-3137  540 at Teignmouth Triangle October 1981 (orig. Alan Edwards)

Devon General Atlantean NDV540G Teignmouth
Devon General Atlantean NDV538G Exeter

at-3139  538 on Exeter High Street October 1981 (orig. Alan Edwards)

at-6591  541 drawing away from the Waterside holiday camp stop on Dartmouth Road, Paignton September 1980 (orig. Geoff Rixon)

Devon General Atlantean NDV541G Paignton
Devon General Atlantean NDV533G Newton Abbot

an-171  533 & 911 at the old power station site in Newton Abbot, August 1980.

at-2395  527 on Cheeke Street Exeter October 1982. The moulded front panel had been repalced with a flat one, without ventilators

Devon General Atlantean EOD527D Exeter
Devon General Atlantean 567LKP Torquay

an-2060  567LKP, number 993 at Newton Road depot. Western National acquired a batch of Atlanteans from Maidstone & District but this one initially went to Hants & Dorset. It then became Devon General's sole former Maidstone vehicle, although several Western National branded Atlanteans worked in the area.

an-427  538 entering Exeter High Street in 1974. In maroon with NBC style fleet names applied.

Devon General Atlantean NDV538G Exeter
Devon General Atlantean EOD527D Exeter

an-501  527 on Paris Street Exeter c.1980.

at-1234  530 on Torbay Road Torquay approaching the Grand Hotel, 19th August 1981 (orig. Geoff Gould).

Devon General Atlantean EOD530D Torquay
Devon General Atlantean NDV535G Paignton

an-1096  535 arriving at Paignton bus station on the 700 limited stop service from Newton Abbot, probably c.1974

an-1097  536 entering Cary Parade, Torquay c.1974 in maroon livery with NBC style fleet names.

Devon General Atlantean NDV536G Torquay