Half cabs

Devon General's half-cabbed fleet towards the end of the 1950s and into the 60s predominantly AECs. The last Regent Vs were delivered in July 1966

Updated 23/12/18

Devon General AEC Regent V 508RUO Exeter

at-3813 Willowbrook bodied Regent V 508RUO at Exeter bus station. The buildings on the other side of Cheeke Street had been cleared to enable the construction of Belgrave Road depot to begin.

an-424 Metro Cammell bodied Regent V EOD525D in Lymington Road Torquay, 1970

Devon General AEC Regent V EOD525D Torquay
Devon General Leyland Titan 476CFJ Torquay

at-432 Leyland Titan 476CFJ, inherited from Exeter City Transport and one of the few of their double deckers to get the maroon & cream treatment. Running through an eerily quiet Exe Bridge roundabout 11th August 1972.

Devon General AEC Regent V TTT786 Kennford
Devon General AEC Regent V ROD779 Exeter

at-6113 Regent V ROD779 at Exeter bus station

at-3815 Regent V CTT513C at Sidmouth Triangle, probably fairly soon after delivery.

Devon General AEC Regent V CTT513C Sidmouth
Devon General AEC Regent III NTT670 Torquay

at-1916 Weymann bodied Regent III NTT670 at Torquay Strand in June 1972

at-2672 CTT509C at Plymouth Bretonside to work service 128 back to Torquay

Devon General AEC Regent V CTT509C Plymouth
Devon General AEC Regent V 971MDV Newton Abbot

at-2861 971MDV with other Regent Vs at Newton Abbot bus station 23rd February 1973.

an-684 Regent III KOD591 in Exeter Paul Street bus station.

Devon General AEC Regent III KOD591 Exeter Paul Street
Devon General AEC Regent III MTT651 Torquay

ap-024 Regent III MTT651 paused at Castle Circus Torquay working service 30 .

ap-038 Unique Weymann Aurora bodied Regent III NTT679 in Torquay Newton Road garage c.1960

Devon General AEC Regent III NTT679 Torquay
Devon General AEC Regent V 948HTT Exeter

an-2334 A side view of AEC Regent V 948HTT, showing the illuminated advertisement display fitted. Image taken at Exeter coach station c.1970

an-1303 Paignton bus station with construction on the north dide nearly complete. AEC Regal III LUO596 is working the 63 to Compton Castle, and Regent III NTT660 slogging up the hill on the 105 to Foxhole.

Devon General AEC Regal IV LUO596 Paignton
Devon General AEC Regent V VDV808 Exeter

at-4319 AEC Regent V VDV808 at Exeter bus station July 1968

an-2282 1945 AEC Regals HTT481 and HTT504 at Torquay Strand, both allocated to Chelston service 33. Derived from an original glass negative.

Devon General AEC Regals HTT481 & 504 Torquay