Duple 425s

The prototype of this stylish integral coach was built in 1984. Production ceased in 1990. Another twelve were built by Plaxton, with the coachwork supplied by French subsidiary Carrosserie Lorraine in 1993/4. I was fortunate enough to have a local operator with a few still in service, AB Coaches.

Updated 18/12/18

Duple 425 D362VHH Sellafield

at-4746 Sellafield twins D362VHH and D361VHH on site, June 1987

D13-1700 AB Coaches Totnes NIL1095. Originally imaged in Bolton St. Brixham 19th September 2013 on a school contract. New to Snells as F906KOD

AB Coaches Duple 425 NIL1095 Brixham
Victory Tours Duple 425 5049VC

at-5060 Victory Tours 5049VC in June 1994, new to the company as F382KCG

D13-1724 AB Coaches XIL8129 at Wolborough Common, Churston 4th October 2013. New to Costa Brava, Edinburgh as E573BGA

AB Coaches Duple 425 XIL8129 Churston
Crosville Wales Duple 425 E612AEY

an-1283 Crosville Wales E612AEY en route to Caernarfon.

at-4177 Western National E218CFJ in Weymouth, August 1991

Western National Duple 425 E218CFJ Weymouth
AB Coaches Duple 425 MIL1031 Brixham

D13-1706 AB Coaches MIL1031 at Great Gate, Brixham on a school contract, 20th September 2013. This was formerly Snells E855CTT.

at-6356 Snell's, Newton Abbot E685BTT originally imaged in Broad St. Lyme Regis 10th August 1994.

Snell's Coaches Duple 425 E685BTT Lyme Regis
South wales Transport Duple 425 F134DEP Cardiff

at-4875 South Wales Transport F134DEP in Cardiff bus station August 1993, heading for Scarborough.

at-5487 Reading Buses E452CGM in London Line livery, 24th June 1993.

Reading Buses Duple 425 E452CGM
Victory Tours Duple 425 G275ELJ Hyde Park Corner

at-4545 Victory Tours G275ELJ Hyde Park Corner, August 1998.

at-4876 South Wales Transport Shuttle liveried ACY178A, Bristol Haymarket September 1995.

South Wales Transport Duple 425 ACY178A Bristol