A selection of Greenslades images from the 1960s, and also as carried during the NBC era when Greenslades became the coaching arm of Devon General.


         Additional images will be added as often as possible to build the gallery.

Update 18/12/18

670COD Bristol SUS4A Greenslades

at-045 Bristol SUS4A 670COD, transferred to Greenslades in 1970 at pictured at Exeter bus station in June 1973.

at-1063 In contrast, MCW DR130/2 Metroliner A941MDV in Kensington, 10th August 1984.

MCW DR130/2 Metroliner A941MDV Greenslades
AEC Reliance AFJ84B Greenslades Kingswear

at-4707 AEC Reliance AFJ84B disembarking from the Higher ferry at Kingswear, June 1975.

at-4800 Bedford YMT STA378R at Oban

Greenslades Bedford YMT STA378R Oban
Greenslades Bristol LH6L AAX259J

at-5019 ex Hills, Tredegar Bristol LH6L AAX259J at Plymouth Bretonside

at-2633 Greenslades AEC Reliance 568EFJ and Wallace Arnold Leyland Leopard L2 BNW614C in the shade at Exeter coach station c.1969

Greenslades AEC Reliance 568EFJ
AEC Reliance 6RFJ Greenslades

6" (150mm) print

at-2634 Duple bodied AEC Reliance CFJ898C imaged on a continental tour, probably in Spain September 1968

at-519. Reassigned to Greenslades from the Grey Cars fleet, AEC Reliance 6RDV was pictured in a CAG colour scheme somewhere on Dartmoor, c.1972.

AEC Reliance CFJ898C Greenslades
AEC Reliance 962HTT Greenslades

at-2804 962HTT in its customary home at Torwood St garage, Torquay, but wearing the turquoise and white CAG Greenslades livery in April 1972.

at-2876 In National white, AEC Reliance AFJ83B heads up Gerston Road, Paignton August 1974

AFJ83B AEC Reliance Greenslades
VFJ992 AEC Reliance Greenslades

at-5289 AEC Reliance VFJ992, with Duple Britannia bodywork. No date or location for this image, 556AFJ is alongside.

at-1451 AEC Reliance HFJ416E parked up in the Manchester area whilst on hire to Yelloway.

HFJ416E AEC Reliance  Greenslades

6" (150mm) print

AEC Reliance 568EFJ Greenslades

at-1907 A pair of Reliances in a NBC CAG livery; 568EFJ & 542CFJ imaged on 23rd September 1973, most probably at Stourpaine Bushes, Dorset for the Dorset Steam fair.

at-2874 Another that succumbed to CAG white & turquoise was AFJ82B, location not known.

AEC Reliance AFJ82B Greenslades
AEC Reliance 559AFJ Greenslades

at-5296 A collection of Greenslades Reliances at Exeter coach station, including 559AFJ. The presence of a Duple bodied coach in NBC CAG white & turquoise suggests c.1970

at-5752 A line-up of Greenslades coaches at Taunton bus station.Nearest to the camera is Grenadier bodied Reliance EOD24D, transferred from Grey Cars. All are in NBC CAG white & turquoise; original image taken by Geoff Gould, April 1973.

AEC Reliance EOD24D Greenslades
AEC Reliance 889ATA Greenslades

an-767 Acquired from Grey Cars, 889ATA in Exeter coach station waiting on a departure to St.Austell, hired in by Royal Blue.

an-2146 Acquired from Grey Cars, NUO687 nearing Victoria coach station hired in by Royal Blue.

AEC Reliance NUO687 Greenslades
AEC Reliance 568EFJ Greenslades

at-103 CAG liveried 568EFJ at Bretonside bus station 25th February 1972.

at-6292 CAG liveried former Grey Car EOD29D at Bretonside bus station August 1975.

AEC Reliance EOD29D Greenslades
Leyland Tiger B404UOD Greenslades Sidmouth

Dat-6121 Rapide liveried Leyland Tiger  / Duple Laser II B404UOD taking a break on tour duties in Sidmouth, 11th June 1986 (orig. Geoff Gould) .

at-6483 CAG liveried former Grey Car 963HTT standing outside of Greenslades Sidmouth garage on Sidmouth Triangle alongside the former Torbay Hotel, August 1971.

at-6474 CAG liveried Reliance AFJ77B at Exeter coach station c.1971

at-1476 Bedford VAL14 JAE928D was allocated to Greenslades from Wessex in the Summer of 1975 to cover additional traffic demand. Following this, it went to Midland Red. Never used, it was imaged at Sykes, Barnsley 9th May 1976.