Grey Cars were formed in 1913. They were best known through the 50s and 60s as the coaching arm of Devon General with a base in Torwood St. Torquay, now the bowling alley. With the advent of NBC the name lingered on for a while with the allocated coaches appearing in a CAG livery of white and grey. The name fell into disuse with the fleet re-allocated to Greenslades, or disposed of. The name was resurrected in 1987 before being sold to the Nightingales owned Greenslades operation. Grey Cars are now operated by Millmans, based at Heathfield near Newton Abbot.

Updated 18/12/18

Grey Cars 965HTT AEC Reliance Weymouth

at-1905 AEC Reliance / Willowbrook Viscount 965HTT at Weymouth Edward St. on 19th May 1972.

at-1917 AEC Reliance  XDV859 at Tavistock Rd. Princetown. A Willowbrook Viking body restyled to resemble the Viscounts.  original image by Geoff Gould

Grey Cars XDV859 AEC Reliance Princetown
Grey Cars 1RDV AEC Reliance Exeter

at-2860 An undated image of AEC Reliance / Harrington Cavalier 1RDV at Exeter coach station.

at-4474 Duple bodied AEC Reliance HOD35E in the briefly used NBC CAG colour scheme. Originally imaged picking up passengers in Newton Rd. Torquay October 1971

Grey Cars HOD35E AEC Reliance Torquay
Grey Cars 941GTA AEC Reliance Dartmoor

at-4962 AEC Reliance / Willowbrook Viscount 941GTA at Becky Falls car park, Dartmoor in July 1965

at-5762 AEC Reliance XDV855 in Bournemouth, early 1960s

Grey Cars XDV855 AEC Reliance Bournemouth
Grey Cars X263PBA Brixham Volvo B10M-62

D17-0383 Millman's operated Grey Car Volvo B10M-62 X263PBA in Middle St. Brixham, 6th July 2017

at-3385 Leyland Leopard AFH194T, pictured at Brixham Square in the brief 1980s resurrection of the company name.

Grey Cars AFH194T Leyland Leopard Brixham
Grey Cars EOD29D Basingstoke

at-2653 AEC Reliance EOD29D at Basingstoke, probably c.1971.

at-3649 Harrington Grenadier bodied AEC Reliance EOD26D passing Torre Abbey meadow, Torquay.

Grey Cars EOD26D Torquay
Grey Cars 6RDV

at-5969 AEC Reliance 6RDV (orig. Cliff Essex)