NBC Devon General

Devon General's next generation of lightweight single deckers, superceding the Reliances. Bodied by ECW, Marshall and Plaxton.

an-400 PUO103M  entering Newton Abbot bus station

6" (150mm) print

at-5143 GDV461N at Exmouth depot 1st October 1977 with a smashed windscreen, imaged by Geoff Gould.

6" (150mm) print

Bristol LH6L & LHS6L

6" (150mm) print

at-2980 LHS6L VOD89K at Torquay Strand, 31st July 1979 imaged by Geoff Gould.

Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO103M
Devon General Bristol LH6L GDV461N Exmouth
Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD89K Torquay
Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO501M Exeter

at-3067 Plaxton bodied SFJ118R between duties at Newton Abbot bus station May 1984

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol LHS6L GDV461N Exmouth

at-4380 LHS6L FDV789V in Sidmouth garage, October 1983.

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol LH6L SFJ122R Exmouth

at-6041 LH6L SFJ122R in Imperial Road Exmouth 8th July 1977

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol LH6L STT409R Torquay

at-2569 LH6L STT409R in in depths of Newton Road depot yard,

6" (150mm) print

Updated 02/08/19

Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD93K Exeter

at-2980 LHS6L VOD93K departing from Exeter bus station.

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO103M Teignmouth

at-3377 PUO103M  at Teignmouth Triangle November 1980 (orig. Alan Edwards)

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol LH6L VOD627S Torquay

at-3942 VOD627S at Torquay Strand working town service 147.

Devon General Bristol LH6L KTT42P Teignmouth

at-3379 KTT42P  at Teignmouth Triangle August 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards)

Devon General Bristol LH6L VDV104S Exeter

at-3046 VDV104S working university service U in Exeter, 11th September 1984 (orig. Dave Douche)

Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD91K Exeter

at-3363 LHS6L VOD91K in Exeter High Street October 1981 (orig. Alan Edwards)