NBC Devon General

Devon General's next generation of lightweight single deckers, superceding the Reliances. Bodied by ECW, Marshall and Plaxton.

Bristol LH6L & LHS6L

Updated 02/08/19

Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO103M

an-400 PUO103M  entering Newton Abbot bus station

at-5143 GDV461N at Exmouth depot 1st October 1977 with a smashed windscreen, imaged by Geoff Gould.

Devon General Bristol LH6L GDV461N Exmouth
Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD89K Torquay

at-2980 LHS6L VOD89K at Torquay Strand, 31st July 1979 imaged by Geoff Gould.

at-3067 Plaxton bodied SFJ118R between duties at Newton Abbot bus station May 1984

Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO501M Exeter
Devon General Bristol LHS6L GDV461N Exmouth

at-4380 LHS6L FDV789V in Sidmouth garage, October 1983.

at-6041 LH6L SFJ122R in Imperial Road Exmouth 8th July 1977

Devon General Bristol LH6L SFJ122R Exmouth
Devon General Bristol LH6L STT409R Torquay

at-2569 LH6L STT409R in in depths of Newton Road depot yard,

at-2980 LHS6L VOD93K departing from Exeter bus station.

Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD93K Exeter
Devon General Bristol LH6L PUO103M Teignmouth

at-3377 PUO103M  at Teignmouth Triangle November 1980 (orig. Alan Edwards)

at-3942 VOD627S at Torquay Strand working town service 147.

Devon General Bristol LH6L VOD627S Torquay
Devon General Bristol LH6L KTT42P Teignmouth

at-3379 KTT42P  at Teignmouth Triangle August 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards)

at-3046 VDV104S working university service U in Exeter, 11th September 1984 (orig. Dave Douche)

Devon General Bristol LH6L VDV104S Exeter
Devon General Bristol LHS6L VOD91K Exeter

at-3363 LHS6L VOD91K in Exeter High Street October 1981 (orig. Alan Edwards)