NBC Devon General

Bristol MWs

A collection of ex Royal Blue coaches decanted from Western National and in use for a short period in the mid 1970s.

Update 01/08/19

Bristol MW6G XUO521 Devon General

at-2275 Devon General inherited EDV546D in March 1976.  It was imaged in the old power station site at Newton Abbot 5th August 1976, fresh from a National Express turn.

at-564 Other than a brief visit from ex Bristol import 269HHU, the only other Devon General example in this style of bodywork was former Western National XUO721. Imaged in Exeter coach station in July 1973, fresh out of the paint shop and between workings for Howmet or the 46 to Torquay.

Bristol MW6G EDV546D Devon General Newton Abbot
Bristol MW6G EDV543D Devon General Sidmouth

at-5326 Devon General also inherited EDV543D in March 1976.  It was imaged at Sidmouth depot, 8th July 1977 but gone by the following year.

at-1959 XUO721 again, at Torquay coach station. Displaying service 120 but in that case off route on 9th August 1975.

Bristol MW6G XUO721 Torquay
Bristol MW6G EDV545D Devon General Weymouth

at-307 EDV545D at Weymouth Edward Street on a National Express service 18th September  1976. 

at-2737 EDV549D at Exeter bus station in 1977

Bristol MW6G EDV549D Devon General Exeter

an-2365 EDV546D at the overflow parking area off of The Avenue, Newton Abbot ,1976

at-2737 EDV549D at Newton Abbot bus station in 1976