NBC Devon General

A selection of Devon General's Bristol REs, some newly introduced, some ex Western National - a mixture of bus and coach bodies

at-2196 RELH6L GFJ671N negotiating the slalom around the Coverdale in Paignton working service 128 to Plymouth, 2nd August 1976

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol RELL6G MUO320F Exeter

at-3372  Flat fronted RELL6G MUO320F in Exeter coach station, October 1974

6" (150mm) print

Bristol RE

Devon General Bristol RELH6G GFJ671N Paignton
Devon General Bristol RELH6G PUO503M Plymouth

at-5204 RELH6G PUO503M at Mutley Plain, Plymouth working in with the 129 service from Exeter April 1975

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol RELL6G MUO318F Exeter

at-5476  Another flat fronted RELL6G MUO318F, this time in green in Exeter High Street, 6th May 1983.

6" (150mm) print

Updated 20/12/18

Devon General Bristol RE ATA229L Tiverton

at-2452  ATA229L of the batch of twin-doored REs at Tiverton Phoenix Lane June 1979

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol RE ATA 227L Exeter

at-2213  Twin doored ATA227L at Exeter bus station 3rd August 1976

6" (150mm) print

Devon General Bristol RE RDV420H Torquay

at-4326  Cascaded coach RDV420H at Newton Road depot June 1979

6" (150mm) print