NBC Devon General

AEC Regent V

Devon General's last half cabs that were purchased from new, later to be joined by Exeter's Titans, then a smattering of Western National FLFs. .

Updated 20/12/18

at-2682 EOD523D and EOD525D lined up in the exit doors from  Newton Road garage, 3rd May 1976

at-2683 501RUO arriving at Exeter bus station on service 187.

at-2691 CTT509C at Western National's Totnes garage, 8th May 1976, having apparently received  a repaint.

at-1902 EOD525D exiting from Commercial Road Paignton and approaching the bus station 2nd August 1976

at-1849 CTT516C approaching Paignton bus station 9th August 1976 on town service 106.

an-1012 969MDV entering Newton Abbot bus station

at-2649 984MDV at Newton Road depot,  25th August 1975.

at-5593 EOD525D in Commercial Road, Paignton..

at-419 503RUO in Paignton bus station 27th May 1980.

Devon General AEC Regent V 503RUO Paignton 1980
AEC Regent V 971MDV Newton Abbot

at-2861 971MDV at Newton Abbot bus station 23rd February 1973.

at-2862 973MDV in Gerston Road Paignton .

Devon General AEC Regent V 972MDV Paignton
Devon General AEC Regent V 981MDV Dawlish 1975

at-4329 974MDV in Belgrave Road depot, Exeter 18th May 1975. Alongside is 981MDV in maroon.

at-2863 981MDV approaching Dawlish, 5th April 1975

Devon General AEC Regent V 974MDV Exeter
Devon General AEC Regent V CTT514C Teignmouth

at-2862 CTT514C departing from Wellington St. Teignmouth on service 187, October 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards)

at-1211 EOD521D at Station Road Dawlish 17th July 1977.

Devon General AEC Regent V EOD521D Dawlish