NBC Devon General

AEC Reliances

Devon General's first Reliances were delivered in 1957, the final delivery was in 1971, ostensibly to parent company Western National. Around then the first Weymann bodied examples were being removed from service. This page shows Reliances in NBC livery, many served on in maroon and may be found

Updated 20/12/18

Devon General AEC Reliance 965HTT Newton Abbot

an-425 950HTT, a 1962 Willowbrook bodied Reliance in Poppy red on Sherborne Road Newton Abbot 1974. This was dismantled at Newton Road depot in 1977.

at-023 TUO77J from the final batch at Torquay Strand, 23rd June 1980. This became a mobile studio in South Wales the following year, having been sold to Ensign in May.

Devon General AEC Reliance TUO77J Torquay
Devon General AEC Reliance 9RDV Exeter

at-2203 9RDV leaving Exeter bus station 3rd August 1976

at-2979 TUO78J in Okehampton Fore Street 22nd September 1979 (imaged by Geoff Gould)

Devon General AEC Reliance TUO78J Okehampton
Devon General AEC Reliance 12RDV Weymouth

at-139 A few Reliances were transferred into South Somerset and Dorset Western National operations. 12RDV was imaged at Edward St. Weymouth 3rd July 1978. A 53 seater and on delivery these were the longest vehicles in the fleet. Sold to Kinross and ended its days in the Shetlands.

at-135 LUO47F arriving at Sidmouth Triangle 1st October 1977, imaged by Geoff Gould. 47 lasted until the big Reliance clearout in 1981.  For a while an active candidate for preservation, it was finally scrapped in 2007.

Devon General AEC Reliance LUO47F Sidmouth
Devon General AEC Reliance OTA62G Paignton

at-4671 OTA62G arriving at Paignton bus station, 17th June 1974. Finished in the more attractive but officially frowned upon version of the NBC livery initially adopted by Devon General. 62 (with 58) spent a few years on a Fife fruit farm. (imaged by Geoff Gould)

at-5021 Brixham town service 37 had been operated by Weymann bodied Reliances from the VDV79x series until their withdrawl. 1967 Marshall bodied HOD41E on duty 17th June 1974 (imaged by Geoff Gould) 41 served with Western National in Somerset, repainted in to Leaf Green before withdrawl in 1980.

Devon General AEC Reliance HOD41E Brixham
Devon General AEC Reliance OTA65G Exeter

at-5144 OTA65G leaving Exeter bus station, 1st October 1977 with less than three years of service left. (imaged by Geoff Gould)

at-5337 15RDV at Sidmouth depot 8th July 1977.

Devon General AEC Reliance 15RDV Sidmouth
Devon General AEC Reliance OTA63G Exeter

at-5594 OTA63G leaving Exeter bus station c.1974.

at-5766 OTA68G between duties at Exeter bus station (imaged R J Edworthy)

Devon General AEC Reliance OTA68G Exeter
Devon General AEC Reliance 950HTT Exeter

at-3726 950HTT, one of a small batch of 7 delivered in 1962 which surprisingly got a repaint into Poppy red in 1974, seen at Exeter bus station.

at-4951 17RDV, Willowbrook bodied and working service 117 out of Brixham bus station in June 1975.

Devon General AEC Reliance 17RDV Brixham
Devon General AEC Reliance LUO47F Exeter

at-2525 LUO47F in leaf green, originally imaged at Exeter bus station in May 1980.

at-3727 LUO47F, one of the batch sent to South Dorset in the parking facility next to Weymouth railway station.

Devon General AEC Reliance LUO47F Weymouth