Royal Blue was the coaching arm of Western and Southern National. The name  endured through the NBC era and finally came to an end in 1986. This page consists of images in the traditional blue & cream livery, up to and overlapping the advent of NBC.

Updated 09/07/19

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 622DDV

at-6379 Bristol MW6G 622DDV exiting Bournemouth coach station

at-2670 Bristol MW6G XUO736 at Victoria, undated

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G XUO722
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G RDV422H

at-4220 Bristol MW6G 768MDV at The Grove, Aldershot 1st February 1969. It was working an Associated Motorways service to Birmingham & Northampton.

at-2727 Bristol RELH6G RDV422H at Basingstoke bus station

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 768MDV
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G XUO737

an-1288 Bristol MW6G XUO737 on hire to Eastern Counties, at Cambridge Drummer St.

at-3719 Bristol RELH6G ATA105B at Victoria coach station..

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G ATA105B
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 55GUO

at-759 761MDV an MW6G with the later ECW coach body at Hyde Park Road Portsmouth, early 1970s.  .

at-3720 Getting a little long in the tooth and surplus to requirements, Bristol MW6G 55GUO spent a good part of the mid 1970s hired out to Hants & Dorset or Alder Valley. Pictured during one of these hires at an unidentitfied garage.

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 761MDV
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G XUO735

at-6234  Bristol MW6G XUO735 at Hyde Park Road, Portsmouth 27th September 1970.

at-4449 Bristol MW6G  624DDV at Exeter coach station, probably 1968.

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 624DDV
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 616DDV

at-3486  Bristol MW6G 616DDV at Andover garage 4th August 1973. This was due for conversion to dual purpose spec. but actually recorded as sold to a dealer two months prior to this image being taken.

at-545 Bristol LS6G OTT92 at Exeter bus station 5th September 1969. It was withdrawn two months later .

Royal Blue Bristol LS6G OTT92
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G HDV628E

an-1961 Bristol RELH6G HDV628E in Andover Road Winchester.

at-240 Bristol MW6G 55GUO at Guildford bus station late 1974, on hire to Alder Valley

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 55GUO Guildford
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 60GUO Bournemouth

an-602 Bristol MW6G 60GUO at Bournemouth with Hants & Dorset MW6G 1469LJ,

at-310 Bristol MW6G 626DDV at London Victoria

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 626DDV Victoria
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G XUO722 Victoria

at-491 Bristol MW6G XUO722 at London Victoria c.1972

at-4488 Bristol MW6G XUO722 at London Victoria

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G XUO723 Victoria
Royal Blue Bristol LS6G LTA869 Victoria

ap-052 Bristol LS6G LTA869 at London Victoria

at-218 Bristol MW6G 623DDV in Petworth Road Chiddingfold 20th March 1974. In the early 70s several Western National / Royal Blue MWs were employed to bale out stock shortages with other operators, in this case Alder Valley

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 623DDV Chiddingfold
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 54GUO Exeter

at-2920 Bristol MW6G 54GUO at Exeter Paul Street bus station, 1966

at-5295 Bristol RELH6G LDV846F, location not recognised

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G LDV846F
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 626DDV

at-6675 Bristol MW6G 626DDV at Victoria c.1971

at-6663 Bristol RELH6L LDV850F,Ealing September 1968 (orig. Cliff Essex)

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 51GUO

at-6382 Bristol MW6G 66GUO at King's Cross

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6L LDV850F

at-6604 Bristol MW6G 51GUO at Exeter St.David's c.1971

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G LDV846F