NBC Royal Blue

With the advent of NBC, the Royal Blue name endured as the coaching arm of Western National. The initial NBC livery was a CAG variant, white with a blue panel. Then  all white with blue/red National branding and small fleet names in red. Then things got more esoteric...

Updated 20/12/18

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G 393TUO Basingstoke

at-3722 Bristol RELH6G 393TUO at Basingstoke bus station, on service 701 in the earlier NBC CAG livery

at-5805 Bristol MW6G HDV620E at Sevenoaks bus station c.1976. It spent over 20 months on hire to London Country, based at Dunton Green.

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G HDV620E Sevenoaks
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G LDV847F Weymouth

at-4067 Bristol RELH6G LDV847F at Weymouth Edward St. in September 1978

at-1014 AEC Reliance 890ADV in St.Austell garage June 1974. In another version of NBC CAG livery, this was originally a Grey Cars coach..

Royal Blue AEC Reliance 890ADV St.Austell
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G LDV471F Southampton

at-5386 Bristol RELH6G LDV471F at Bedford Place, Southampton

at-2736 Duple Commander bodied Bristol LH6L RDV442H parked in Lyme Regis, May 1977.

Royal Blue Bristol LH6L RDV442H Lyme Regis
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G 976WAE Yeovil

at-5654 The initial NBC CAG livery seems to have been enthusiastically applied to Royal Blue vehicles, although these MW6Gs only accomodated a relatively narrow waist band. EDV507D at Exeter coach station September 1971.

an-1243 Former with the Bristol fleet, Bristol RELH6G 976WAE at Yeovil bus station

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G EDV507D Exeter
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 766MDV Bournemouth

at-1071 Bristol MW6G 766MDV in Old Christchurch Rd. Bournemouth, c.1973.

at-5698 Bristol LH6L BDV316L approaching Cheltenham coach station, 15th May 1976

Royal Blue Bristol LH6L BDV316L Cheltenham
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G LDV465F Taunton

an-1118 Bristol RELH6G LDV465F at Taunton bus station.

an-1287 Bristol RELH6G ATA105B. Seen at Exeter coach station c.1970 in CAG white & blue. The roundel on the front reads 'Royal Blue Express Services' and on inner 'Mayflower 1970'.

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G ATA105B Exeter
Royal Blue Leyland Leopard EUF202D Basingstoke

at-5225 Former Southdown Leyland Leopard EUF202D in service with Royal Blue at Basingstoke bus station 16th May 1975,.

at-1107 MCW Metroliner DR130/2 A761VAF. This was originally imaged at Gloucester Road coach station, a fomer coal depot in west London in January 1985.

Royal Blue MCW Metroliner A761VAF London
Royal Blue Bristol LH6L RDV442H Bournemouth

at-935 Duple Commander bodied Bristol LH6L RDV442H spinning around The Square, Bournemouth.

an-1799  Bristol RELH6G BDV402L at The Square, Bournemouth.

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G BDV402L Bournemouth
Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G OTA634G Weymouth

at-4066  Bristol RELH6G OTA634G at Weymouth Edward St. September 1978.

at-159  Bristol RELH6G RDV429H in Salisbury 29th May 1976.

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G RDV429H Salisbury
Royal Blue Bristol LH6L NTT323M Aust services

at-6034  Bristol LH6L NTT323M  at Aust services, M4 heading out to Ilfracombe. The service station did act as an interchange for National Express services.

at-4050  Bristol RELH6G RDV429H at Newton Road depot, Torquay  7th August 1979.

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G RDV429H Torquay 1979
Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 744MDV on hire to London Country

at-3931  Bristol MW6G 744MDV on London Country service 454A, working out of Reigate. It was on hire from November 1975 to January 1976.

at-513  Bristol RELH6G OTA637G at Portsmouth, probably Hyde Park Road c.1971.

Royal Blue Bristol RELH6G OTA637G Portsmouth c.1971