Tally Ho bus Kingsbridge bus pictures

A long established independent operation based in Kingsbridge, which has operated an eclectic selection of vehicles over the years.

Updated 18/12/18

Tally Ho Bedford VAL14 COD925C

at-2400 New to Burton Coaches (Geddes) in Brixham and for over a decade a regular on their Brixham - Kingswear service. Marshall bodied VAL14 COD925C pictured in Kingsbridge, June 1979

at-5226 Many Southdown Leyland Leopards made their way into the South-west; in the main entering service with Western National/Devon General. 114CUF however was pictured with Tally Ho in April 1988.

Tally Ho Leyland Leopard 114CUF
Tally Ho Bedford VAS14 EGA833C

at-3782 Willowbrook bodied Bedford  VAS1 EGA833C. Pictured on a school contract at Pennycomequick roundabout, Plymouth September 1977.

an-852 Alexander bodied Bristol VRT OSR204R at Dartmouth Embankment.

Tally Ho Bristol VR OSR204R
Tally Ho Bristol FLF6B 143HUO Frogmore

an-2043 Former Western National Bristol FLF6B 143HUO passing through Frogmore village.

at-5373 Plaxton bodied Reliance YVA146J pictured at The Orchard, Throwleigh 10th May 1981.

Tally Ho AEC Reliance YVA146J Throwleigh
Tally Ho Volvo B12B j12THC Brixham

D15-0833 Volvo B12B / Sunsundegui Siderial J12THC at Oxen Cove, Brixham 9th July 2015

at-1059 Former Western National Bristol FLF6B 415PTA at Tally Ho's Ivybridge outstation in 1978 .

Tally Ho Bristol FLF6B 415PTA
Tally Ho Bedford VAL14 LPB239D

at-3783 Bedford VAL14 LPB239D, June 1979.

at-5024 Former Glasgow Atlantean KUS600E at what appears to be Tally Ho's old facility at The Mounts, north of Kingsbridge.

Tally Ho Leyland Atlantean KUS600E
Tally Ho Leyland Panther TRN769

at-5203 Marshall bodied Leyland Panther TRN769 imaged in April 1987.

at-5327 Bristol VRT/LL3 OSR194R in Frogmore Street, Bristol..

Tally Ho Bristol VR OSR194R
Tally Ho Bristol VR SFJ104R

at-6213 Bristol LHS6L RPH104L, ex London and originally imaged at Ivybridge on 13th August 1981.

at-6455 A brace of newly acquired Bristol VRs. SFJ104R in a cream & blue version of the Tally Ho livery and alongside XDV604S still adorned in its Devon General era Interlink AOA. The information provided with the original image suggested September 1999, but this has to be out by ten years.

Tally Ho BristolLHS6L RPH104L Ivybridge
Tally Ho Bristol VR AFJ771T

at-5731 Another former Western National Bristol VR acquired by Tally Ho, AFJ771T acquired via Rev. Green in 1989. Seen here in company with Dodge EKR295V

at-3784 Bedford SBG TLJ366 in April 1972

Tally Ho Bedford SBG TLJ366
Tally Ho Ford R226 PTT744G

at-5636 Ford R226 PTT744G, acquired from new, probably at Ivybridge August 1984

at-6493 Alexander bodied Daimler Fleetline GCS165E at Kingsbridge bus station June 1984