Bristol RE

A selection of NBC Western & Southern National Bristol REs, bus, coach and dual-purpose

Western National REs with Royal Blue fleetnames on NBC Royal Blue page

Updated 19/12/18

an-426 Former Bristol O.C.RELH6G 972WAE on a local service in Falmouth Killigrew St. 1977 .

Western National Bristol RELH6G 972WAE Falmouth
Southern National Bristol RELL6G OOD723G Bridgwater

at-2443 Western National RELL6G VOD102K at Penzance depot..

an-1355 Southern National RELL6G OOD723G near Bridgwater bus station.

Western National Bristol RELL6G VOD102K Penzance
Southern National Bristol RELL6G OOD722G Taunton

at-3985 Western National  RELL6G TUO260J at Bridgwater bus station .

at-2885 Southern National RELL6G OOD722G leaving Taunton bus station in January 1985.

Western National Bristol RELL6G TUO260J Bridgwater
Western National Bristol RELL6G STT733H Barnstaple

at-2518 Western National RELL6G STT733H at Barnstaple Strand,  May 1982

at-1161 Western National RELL6G UTT557J at Totnes Plains c.1975

Western National Bristol RELL6G UTT557J Totnes
Western National Bristol RELH6G RDV424H Exeter

an-054 Western National RELH6G RDV424H with Cornish Fairways branding at Exeter bus station 17th July 1982

an-1576 Southern National RELL6G TUO259J at Taunton bus station.

Southern National Bristol RELL6G TUO259J Taunton
Southern National Bristol RELL6G HDV629E Lyme Regis

an-1576 Southern National RELL6G HDV629E in Broad Street Lyme Regis.

at-3054 Southern National RELL6G ATA767L at Taunton bus station May 1984.

Southern National Bristol RELL6G ATA767L Taunton
Southern National Bristol RELL6G TUO262J Bridgwater

at-3072 Southern National RELL6G TUO262J at Bridgwater bus station May 1984.

at-3157 Southern National RELL6G TUO261J at East Quay Bridgwater January 1985.

Southern National Bristol RELL6G TUO261J Bridgwater
Western National Bristol RELL6G POD824H Exeter

at-3271 Western National RELL6G POD824H in Fore Street Exeter July 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards)

at-3272 Western National RELH6G GFJ671NJ at Exeter bus station in X77 livery, October 1981 (orig. Alan Edwards).

Western National Bristol RELH6G GFJ671N Exeter
Western National Bristol RELH6G RDV428H Exeter

at-3723 Western National RELH6G LDV469F at Exeter coach station.

at-3276 Western National RELH6G RDV428H at Exeter bus station August 1979 (orig. Alan Edwards).

Western National Bristol RELH6G LDV469F Exeter
Western National Bristol RELH6G BDV404L Victoria

at-3781 Western National RELH6G BDV404L in Cornwall Coachways livery at Victoria, September 1984.

at-4650 Southern National RELL6G HDV628E in Fore Street Bridgwater June 1983.

Western National Bristol RELL6G HDV628E Bridgwater
Western National Bristol RELL6G OOD723G Weymouth

an-974 Southern National RELL6G OOD723G at Weymouth King's Statue