British Railways Swindon & North British 'Warships' (class 42 & 43)

A new selection of images Warship diesel hydraulics. Plenty has been written aboout these elsewhere so please find below a selection of images from my collection

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British Railways D803 Albion, Penzance

arn-066 D803 Albion inside of Penzance shed, date not recorded. It has disc indicators and the rack for three digit Western region train identification, prior to the fitting of the four digit headcode panel.

arn-361 D815 Druid originally imaged at Dawlish Warren, no date provided. The working is the 1C26 0930 Paddington - Penzance, The Royal Duchy

British Railways D815 Druid, Dawlish Warren

arn-363 D808 Centaur rounding the curve at Langstone Rock. Disc and three digit rack still in place but with the addition of a small yellow panel.

arn-490 D844 Spartan at Paignton station on a short engineer's tran, April 1990. In maroon, Spartan did receive a repaint in to blue but was withdrawn in October 1971 .

British Railways D844 Spartan, Paignton.
British Railways 810 Cockade, Eggesford

art-579 810 Cockade approaching Eggesford on an Exeter - Barnstaple service in July 1972.

arn-256  An as yet unidentified member of the classes but thought to be either Albion or Diadem.

British Railways 807 Caradoc, Crediton.

art-928  I'm not really a fan of 'going away' shots but this is 807 Caradoc pulling away from Crediton box. The assumption is that the original image was taken around 1971 and with the consist of 6 wheeled milk tanks it was heading for either Lapford dairy or Torrington.

art-610  D854 Tiger light engine at Plymouth North Road, no date.