Western National Double deckers

A selection of Western National double decked vehices in Tilling green or contemporary liveries.

Updated 23/12/18

at-431 Bristol FLF6B AUO514B at Dartmouth Boat Float, 4th September 1969

Western National Bristol FLF6B AUO514B Dartmouth
Western National Leyland Titan JUO946 Dartmouth

ap-090 Leyland Titan PD1A JUO946 at Dartmouth boat float to work the 93A up to Townstal

at-654 Bristol KSW6B LTA882 outside of Falmouth library 28th August 1970.

Western National Bristol KSW6B LTA882 Falmouth
Western National Bristol KS5G LTA939 Ilfracombe

at-1001 In its last few months of service with Western National, Bristol KS5G LTA939 at Ilfracombe bus station, August 1969.

at-1061 A pair of temporarily delicensed Bristol LD6Bs. Western National branded UOD477 stands with Southern National OTT47 at Weymouth, 17th September 1971.

Western National Bristol LD6B UOD477 Weymouth
Southern National Bristol FSF6B 707JHY Newquay

at-1000 Acquired from Bath E.T. in 1967, Bristol FSF6B 707JHY imaged at Newquay bus station with Southern National.

at-3823 Bristol FLF6B 471FTT entering St.Austell station

Western National Bristol FLF6B 471FTT St.Austell
Western National Bristol FLF6G BDV268C Weymouth

at-4183 A busy scene at Weymouth Pavilion Theatre, with Bristol FLF6G BDV268C and a mix of bus an railway personnel in the frame

at-4573 Bristol FLF6G BDV261C ascending Coinagehall Street, Helston 29th May 1973.

Western National Bristol FLF6G BDV261C Helston