A selection of Western National single decked buses (under construction). The SUs are dealt with in a separate gallery.

Western National MW, RE, LS & LH buses - and a few Bedfords

Western National Bedford VAM5 KDV133F Plymouth

at-016 KDV133F, an ECW bodied Bedford VAM5. Originally imaged at Plymouth Bretonside. Still in original livery 1st July 1972.

Western National Bristol LS5G RTT976 Truro

at-668 Bristol LS5G RTT976 at Truro railway station, 29th August 1970.

Western National Bristol MW5G VDV788 Woolacombe

at-669 Bristol MW5G VDV788 on Woolacombe Esplanade 11th August 1972

Southern National Bristol LH6L MUO338F Ilfracombe

at-1101 A new-looking Bristol LH6L MUO338F at Ilfracombe bus station c.1970.

at-1854 Bristol RELL6G POD824H at Exeter bus station, working the Plymouth service 129.

6"(150mm) print

6"(150mm) print

6"(150mm) print

Western National Bristol LH6L PTA761G Helston

at-4575 Bristol LH6L PTA761G in Wendron Street, Helston.

Western National Bristol RELL6G POD824H Exeter

6"(150mm) print

Updated 23/12/18

6"(150mm) print

6"(150mm) print